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Frantic, physical, hilarious, and oddly touching, Two Little Boxes presents two young boys becoming young men. Navigating the treacherous world of adolescence, characters A and J are fumbling their way through their own constantly shifting relationship, from bravado and physical comparison, to secret handshakes and tender moments. 


This thought-provoking production aims to raise questions about the construction of gender identities, inspired by Raewyn Connell's seminal theory on 'Masculinities': that multiple gender identities can exist simultaneously in the bodies and minds of each person as a result of their external stimulus.

The production has toured to theatres, festivals, schools and universities across the UK, France, China and Japan, simultaneously facilitating a wraparound documentary and workshop project aimed exploring the construction of masculinities and intercultural discussions between people separated by geographical, linguistic and cultural barriers.


Produced by Alex Gomar

Created and performed by Jason Ribes and Alex Gomar

Music by David Torres Tolosa and Diego Ribes

Video by Maeva Andrieux

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