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Spig and Zuki was the lockdown clown catastrophe adventure we never knew we needed. Amidst the chaos of the pandemic, an avant-garde melodrama put two clowns in charge of saving a tree from its sudden demise. This participatory journey utilised a mixture of cutting edge participatory technology with classic clown techniques and puppetry from reclaimed materials to develop a beautiful, white-knuckle clown-led interdimensional eco-activist whirlwind. Originally destined for grand theatres across North America and China, during the pandemic these clueless characters somehow found their way into backgardens.

Director - Alex Podger

Devising Performers - Caitlin Strongarm, Alex Gomar, Ben Warren

Lighting Designer - Celia Chen

Set Designer - Sun Hao

Sound design - Andrew Veivers

Costume Design - Joseph Koda

Puppetry design - Caitlin Strongarm

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