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This two-hour performance workshop will cultivate our spontaneity, playfulness, and mindfulness using cutting edge technology - our body.

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Accompanied by beautiful live, adaptive music production from the extremely talented Max Mortimer, Reallynice presents an extraordinary experience that takes participants on a playful and immersive journey discovering new pathways into movement, improvisation, and connection with ourselves and others.

Using simple, gentle, and mindful techniques adapted from dance, mime, clowning, and somatic practices, the workshop finds playful, sensory ways into group creative movement that are as interesting for visual, ritual storytelling as they are exploratory, enjoyable and moving for participants.

This workshop is recommended for those who want to access a bit more of their innate creativity and their inner dance, who want to experience something genuine, spontaneous and beautiful, who want to explore their physical mobility and range, who want deeper connections with other people living locally, and for those who want to explore movement methods into mindfulness.

The result of Alex and Max's continued research and development, this unique workshop is equally accessible and enjoyable to participants with zero performance experience, as to those who have performed for decades.


Thursday 26th May

1:30-3:30pm / 4:30-6:30pm


About the facilitator:

Alex Gomar is a professional performing artist, producer and facilitator living in Harringay. He has ten years’ experience as a facilitator of creative movement, and has delivered workshops by invitation around the UK, France, Italy, the US, China, and Japan. He is the artistic director of Reallynice.

Alex’s teachings are full of wisdom. He explores play as a whole in terms of ‘body and mind.’

- Former participant in Shanghai

Alex is an excellent teacher, bursting with visual ideas, clever interpretations and quick and practical tips to improve quickly. He’s got a friendly style and I’d recommend Alex to anyone at any skill level.

- Former participant in London

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